Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Activities - 12th of April

During each different phase of this Learning Event there are activities and tasks you're supposed to carry out within the given timeline. The "welcome activities" are:

1. Get acquainted with the general goals and contents of this learning event

2. Fill in the (profile) information in your own account and add a photo of yourself

3. Watch the video Shift happens - rate it and write a comment. Which of its statements struck you as most interesting/challenging/frightening?

4. Go to the FORUM (on the right on the navibar) and write an introduction of yourself in the appropriate subcategory in Introductions (post a new thread). Write the subject you teach or the (project) theme or topic you're interested in as the title of your post. Don't start any other discussions yet. They're for your upcoming tasks.

5. Read the forum posts of your fellow teachers and reply to at least two. Ask about their pupils, school, home town, hobbies etc. Get connected! Start making workgroups of 2-3 persons

A Challenging Movie
Looking at this challenging movie I had the opportunity to understand how important is for us and our pupils to know more about our environment. The new technologies make quick steps and they are for a better life. But we must don’t forget that we have to prepare the future of our kids and we are responsible for this. By means of e-Twinning and Comenius projects, we have the chance to offer to our pupils a new world, a communication channel, a great expectance in a future of peace.

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