Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here we are, at the finish line

This Learning Event was structured to resemble a short and intense project with all its critical phases.
You've been collaborating, not only while making the project plans and the mindmaps, but all through this Learning Event from introductions (getting connected) to creating groups and commenting each others' blogs, bookmarks and presentations.

I think this community of learners has been fantastic. You've supported and encouraged each other and the more experienced colleagues have helped and given advice to the newbies.

Besides learning about the tools, we've all learned a lot about how to collaborate, how to work together and how to create and manage a learning project.

Those, who have fallen a bit behind, will still have one week to finish their activities. I, for sure, am going to spend a lot of time going through your blogs, bookmarks, project plans and mindmaps to learn and get ideas for new projects and Learning Events.

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