Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Instructions

To get your final certificate you will have to accomplish the assigned tasks and activities. Use the checklist below to check you've finished everything.

1. You have written your introduction in the Forum.
2. You have rated and commented the video on the welcome page and given your vote in some of the polls.
3. You have formed a group of 2-3 participants in eTwinning Group Wiki (Wikispaces).
4. You have created your own bookmark page in Delicious or Diigo and linked it to your blog.
5. You have created your own Blog for this Learning event. You have written there a short post about this Learning event and added a picture.
6. You have created a Google calendar and linked it to your blog.
7. You have created a project plan in Google docs collaboratively with your group and published it or a link to it in your Blog.
8. You have added a link to your YouTube video or SlideShare presentation or Flickr/Picasa photos in your Blog. You've embedded one presentation or video in your blog as well.
9. You have created a mindmap (together with your group) about Web 2.0, eTwinning and collaboration.
10. You have filled in the evaluation questionnaire.
Wow, a lot of work!

If you have finished 8 of the above mentioned 10 tasks, you've earned your certifica

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