Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tips for web tutors

The teacher's role is crucial before the actual learning process has started. It's the partner teachers' shared responsibility to schedule the learning process, choose and provide appropriate tools, set the goals and plan the procedure. After that the focus should be on the learners.

* Teacher is a guide on the path students are walking. She/he let's the students walk independently, encourages and supports, helps in crisis, but keeps distance.
* At the beginning the teachers' responsibility is bigger, but towards the end, the students should take responsibility of their own learning and of the process/project.
* When the students face problems, they should first try to solve them themselves and be involved in the problem solving process from the beginning.
* One of the most common mistakes is that the teacher/tutor talks too much and/or imposes her/his own ideas very strongly.
* In learning the process is much more important than the end product.
* Mistakes are an essential part of a learning process and often a very effective way to learn. They're nothing to be afraid of.
* When given the goal and support and appropriate tools, students usually come up with amazingly creative solutions.
* Project learning is always as much learning to learn as learning the actual subject matter.

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