Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Using a blog in a project

In a learning project it's good to pay attention to which parts of the process can be shared with everybody and which parts should be carried out in safe and private environment.

On one hand, pupils' collaboration: forums chats and wikis must take place in a secure protected environment. On the other hand, it's important to share the process and its outputs with te whole school, parents and the surrounding community.

Blogs are excellent for being used as project diaries. You can write there weekly what's happening in the project, publish pictures, make links to photo galleries and embed video clips, podcasts and presentations. You may also allow commenting, but blogs aren't good tools for discussions.

Activities - 14th of April

Watch the Presentation and the Video about blogs. Rate them. This is a great advantage of Web 2.0. You can find loads of good tutorials and instructions freely available. You don't have to do it all yourself.

1. Create your own NEW blog (a public project diary on the web) for this Learning Event. Choose colours and template. Write a short entry dealing with this Learning event and your future eTwinning project.

* add a photo in your blog
* add important links (a link to your Delicious or Diigo bookmarks) in your blog
* you can create your own blog here: Blogger or Wordpress

2. Write in the FORUM and share the web address of your new eTwinning blog with your partners here in this learning event. You can also comment this task.

3. Add you blog URL in your (profile) account. You can do it by clicking the link on the right called website.

4. Check your work group members' new blogs and write positive comments. Show that you're interested in their work. If you don't have a work group yet, you still have time to get one.

I have created the blog with this link:

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