Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 changed the average internet surfer from passive consumer to active participant. The level of participating can vary from simple rating or voting through blogs and galleries to creative learning communities.

Web 2.0 is about sharing your ideas and opinios. It's about open source applications and free tools for everybody. It's about giving and getting.

Web 2.0 supports the idea of an active and creative learner. As tools for collaboration make the learning process visible, the focus changes from the product to the process. And thus, the teachers role changes from a distributor of knowledge to a guide on the path of learning and understanding.

Activities - 13th of April

In this first topic, we start from the first level of participating: rating, voting and commenting and, finally, sharing your favourites. You have one day to accomplish the following activities:

1. Watch the presentation Top 100 Tools for Learning - rate the presentation.

2. Take part in the poll: vote for your favourite tool from this very limited selection.

3. Watch the video Social Media in Plain English - rate the video and add a comment if you wish.

4. Create an account in or in (if you have one, try the other too). Save your favourite bookmarks. Then you can access them easily from any computer. Share your bookmarks with us by writing the www-address in the FORUM (use the add link tool and choose target blank).

5. Check through your fellow teachers' bookmarks. When you find a new, interesting link, reply and comment.

5. Form teams of 2-3 persons. Use the eTwinning work groups Wiki below. Click eTwinning Groups and then Edit. Form your group under the appropriate subcategory and write your name, home country and email. You are welcome to rename the groups according to your own preferences, if you like. These groups are created for the collaborative activities in this learning lab. You can discuss the goups in the introductions FORUM.

A Difficult Choice
I use a lot of tools and it wasn’t easy for me to choose only one in order to vote. However, I do it. I have 22 Websites using Blogger: a personal one, “English teacher” (, a Website for a course I have just attended in Bulgaria “How to teach interactively”, E-learning_Bulgaria_2010 ( and 20 Websites for e-Twinning projects. Besides, I used Magazine factory, which helped me to create an on-line magazine of my school, bilingual - Romanian and English, ( and another one for an e-Twinning project – “Structure of Educational systems - Counseling in Balkans” ( I am the chief editor of both of them and an editor and a journalist for 2 other magazines factory. I like to make e-Twinning projects and I use a lot of tools: Word, PowerPoint, slide com, slide share, You tube, Trilulilu, etc.

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