Thursday, April 15, 2010

Activities - 15th - 18th of April

Now you have a bit longer time for these activities. You should work together/collaboratively with your work group. Watch the videos and presentations on the right for instructions. Remember that when you follow the instructions from YouTube video, you can click Pause, do the things instructed and then go on.

1. Create your own Google account in Click Sign in link in the top right hand corner. Then click Create an account.

2. Create your own Google homepage with your favourite web 2.0 links. Click iGoogle link.

3. Create your own Google calendar for your future project. Add there e.g. school holidays. Publish it. Click More in Google homepage and choose Calendar from the menu. Make your calendar public and get its URL by clicking the HTML logo. Add the clandar link on your blog (or embed it there if you wish). (If you embed it make it 300x400 pix. You can also share your calendar with your work group, but that's not necessary.)

4. Create a project plan in Google docs and publish it. Do this together with you work group partner(s). The first on the list or the quickest invites the others to share the plan. (This is only to test the tool in practice, not to really start a project.)

* Download the eTwinning project planning form from the File archive below and save it on your own computer.
* Click More in Google homepage and choose Docs.
* Then upload the eTwinning project planning form in Google docs by clicking the Upload icon on the top left hand corner.
* Click Share icon and invite your partner(s) to work on it together with you (you'll get their emails from the wiki on page 1). Fill in the form together with your partner. Each memeber uses a different font colour. Add rows if necessary.
* When you're finished publish it on your blog(s) (click Share and Publish as web page).
* If you have problems with publishing it in your blog, you can download it in the file arcive below. Put you group name as the title.
* You can discuss the plan in the Forum if you need to.

5. Relax and enjoy the weekend.

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