Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exploiting Web 2.0; eTwinning and Collaboration

"What exactly is collaboration? How does it contribute to a fuller pedagogical experience for teachers and pupils? What tools promote collaboration in project work? When is it appropriate to use collaborative learning techniques? These questions and more will be explored in this interactive learning event which is suitable for teachers of all disciplines and school levels."
- Tiina Sarisalmi -

Timetable and programme:

0. April 12th - Welcome - Introductions
1. April 13th - What is Web 2.0
2. April 14th - Documenting the learning process - project diary
3. April 15th- 18th - Planning and managing a project
4. April 19th- 20th - Sharing videos, presentations, photos, documents
5. April 21st - Collaborative learning on the web
6. April 22nd - Conclusion, reflexion and evaluation

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