Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Activities - 21st of April

First check the links and watch the videos and presentations to learn about the presented Web 2.0 tools. I'm not going to ask you to create a Ning learning community or create a Moodle learning environment, but that would be possible as all these tools are freely available on the web. If you wish, you can go and check one of my eTwinning/Comenius courses in moodle. Login with username: tinateacher and password: Tina'sv1s1t. The name of the project is Life across Europe. You can find the link to the students' learning environment in My courses module on the left after you've logged in. Or, you can scroll down the page and find it in Comenius/eTwinning category.


Write your thoughts and ideas about collaborative learning in a mindmap. Write together with your group:

1. Go to Bubbl.us and start creating a new mindmap. Save your mindmap and create an account at the same time. Invite your group members to create the mindmap together with you by clicking the Friends button on the top right hand corner.

2. Put Web 2.0 – collaboration – eTwinning as your centre concepts. As shown in the picture on the right.

3. Start adding bubbles. This is a brainstorming tool, so associate freely!

4. Use different colours for different group members or use different colours for different types of word families.

5. You could add bubbles on the following topics: goals, challenges, advantages, benefits, support, difficulties, preconditions etc.

6. When the mindmap is ready, click the Menu button at the bottom right hand corner to get embedding code. Embed your mindmap to your blog. (Copy the code, click new entry on your blog, click html/code/<>, paste the code, save.) If your mind map is very big, you can also Print screen, make a picture of your mindmap and attach the picture in your blog.

7. Or even better: upload your mindmap in the document library below (or above, as it seems to jump there against my will and intention).

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